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Scary Fairy

Scary Fairy

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Introducing "Scary Fairy," the crown jewel of heat in our sauce collection. This alluring blend takes your taste buds on a rollercoaster of flavours, starting with the warmth of cherry pie filling and the surprising revelation of roasted garlic, which blooms the sugar. Just as the sweetness embraces you, a fiery inferno of super-hot peppers joins the dance, delivering an intense heat that sets "Scary Fairy" apart as the hottest of our three sauces. As the garlic subsides, the enchanting sweetness returns, creating a magical journey through contrasting flavours that keep you irresistibly drawn to another bite. With only cherry pie filling, roasted garlic, and salt, "Scary Fairy" is not just a hot sauce; it's a spellbinding experience, tempting even the boldest heat seekers. Embrace the enchantment of "Scary Fairy," our most seductive and captivating creation.


Sometimes you just need to get dressed up & go dance like no one is watching; whether it's on a pole or in the pit, this sweet cherry will blast your......taste buds!

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