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La Jerk

La Jerk

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Introducing "La Jerk," a Caribbean-inspired explosion of heat and flavour. Feel the fiery kick of Carolina Reaper, carefully blended with a mountain of habaneros, creating a spicy crescendo that defines this unique sauce. Imagine the savoury interplay with cooked green onions and roasted garlic, forming the foundation of a flavour journey. Fresh lime juice adds a burst of zesty brightness, while an irresistible mix of allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves transports you straight to the heart of Caribbean Jerk cuisine. Balanced with brown sugar for a touch of sweetness, "La Jerk" isn't just a sauce; it's a carnival of Caribbean tastes, transforming every dish into a tropical celebration. Immerse yourself in the bold and exotic experience of "La Jerk."


The legend says she was born a human, but her vanity leads her to make deals with the devil. She will cast spicy spells on the unsuspecting victims and lead them into the forest - and who knows what goes on in there!

A medium heat for a Caribbean beat.

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